Pretty In Purple.

Featured Product:
Chic Moda - Aly Skirt @BishBox May 2017 (New HQ) 

Other Products:
Hair: Truth - Taja @TRUTH 
Top: ISON - Rose Top @Luxe Box May 2017 (Temp HQ)
Skin: more more - Grace @more more 
Eyes: IKON - Triumph Eyes Ice @IKON 

Bed: Olive & Fiasco - The Magical Girly Stuff (Ombre Post Bed)
Beanbags: Olive & Fiasco - The Magical Girly Stuff (Pink Beanbag)
Rug:  Olive & Fiasco - The Magical Girly Stuff (Circle Rug)
Mirror: Olive & Fiasco - The Magical Girly Stuff (White Long Mirror)

Backdrop: ninety - doll house 2 (pink) 
Again I spent a good 30 minutes looking for somewhere to credit this back to, MP And Inworld and can’t find it so, as soon as I can find it, I will update.

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