I feel like Gucci.

Because I’m self-made..
Ain’t nobody ever made me…
I’m in the party going crazy…
This is like a movie….
And I feel like Gucci~

Featured Product: 
PEACHES. - Flower Girl Plats @PEACHES.
ChicModa - Jane Top @Cosmopolitan 
Quirky - Allure Bracelets @The Kawaii Project   (Close-up) 
Other Products: 
Hair: Truth - Jojo @TRUTH 
Skin: Insol - Mashell’s Secret (RARE) @Temporarily Off Sale (Insol) 
Shorts: [Pumpkin] - Ripped Shorts @[Pumpkin]Head: Catwa - Catya @Catwa 

Backdrop: anxiety - 418 @anxiety 

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