A Song of Storm and Fire.

Featured Products:
(As some of these event's rounds come to a close, please check the Aii Mainstore which I also have linked.)
Aii - Extra Bento Arms (w/ Wine Goblet & Magic Orbs) @Kagami
Aii - Entralling Flames (Wanyudo, Long Robe) @The Epiphany
Aii - Torii Traveller #4 @Aii 
Aii - Tainted Lady Lashes @Aii  (Close-Up Below!)
Aii - Fantasy Brows Pack #3 @Aii   (Close-Up Below!)
Empire - Xerophyllum @Uber  (Close-Up Below!)

Other Products:
Hair: Truth -  Cheri @Truth 
Eyes: {S0NG} - Misa (Lavender) @S0NG
Head: Catwa - Catya @Catwa
Skin: Sugar Pill - Calpaca (Pale RARE) @Prismagica
Dress: Nightmare - Mid'iv Dress @Nightmare

Grass: [we're CLOSED] - grass field @[we're CLOSED]
Bamboo: Little Branch - Bamboo Cluster @Little Branch

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