You gotta live.

Featured Products:
ANE - EVOL Ankle Boots @TLC (Close-Up Below!)
Monso - Sohye @Kustom9 
(Close-Up Below!)
Sweet Thing. - Oki Hoodie @Kustom9 (Close-Up Below!)

Other Products: 
Skin: Pink Fuel - Sabine @Pink Fuel

Head: Catwa - Catya @Catwa
Lashes: [okkbye] - Babydoll Lashes @Powder Pack
Stickers (face): OCHA - Sweet Stickers (RARE) @OCHA (Close-Up Below!)
Backdrop: anxiety - subject @anxiety

Author Note: Hihi everyone! I've been gone for about a week, taking a little break from blogging. After long thought, I have decided to cut back on some of my blogging duties. NO NEED TO WORRY THOUGH. I am not quitting, I've simply left several blogging teams due to RL time constraints and other factors. Everything on my "sponsors" (I hate that word)  list is UP-TO-DATE. It was regretful that I had to leave some amazing stores, however, I think I'll be able to more freely enjoy blogging now that my workload isn't going to be so heavy and overbearing. 
I love you all! <3

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