The Blades.

Featured Products: 
Fancy Decor - Illuminated Manuscripts @Fancy Decor
Fiasco - Floating Crystals @Fiasco
Fiasco - Pottery Stool (RARE) @Fiasco
Fiasco - Workshop Cabinet (Gacha Item) @Fiasco
.peaches. - The Pack Survives Sword @We<3RP
.peaches. - Fire & Sun Swords @The Project Se7en
Limerence - Sienna Hair (Gacha) @The Gacha Guardians
Belle Epoque - Hannah Spiked Tights 
Belle Epoque - Kasie 
@The Project Se7en

Other Products: 
Skin: MUDSKIN - Yujin RARE (104) @MUDSKIN
Head: Catwa - Catya @Catwa
Fountain: .peaches. - Soothing Fountain @Decocrate(August)
Jars & Scale: .peaches. - Mimble Wimble Potion Set @.peaches.

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