Destined Fate.

"A single enraged horn, able to thrust its way to the heavens.
Like a chaotically blooming rose, it's splattered across your face.
This deep crimson curse is our family's fate.
A damned soul, never again to escape."

Featured Products:
Belle Epoque - Extraordinaire @The Arcade

Other Products:
Truth - Taja @Truth
Half-Deer - Ravens @Half-Deer
SPELL - Enchanted Arch (Previous Gacha Item)
Lagom - Starlight Fence @Lagom
Lagom - Light Bubbles @Lagom
anc - fantasy grass (bloom) @anc
Skin: MUDSKIN - Yujin RARE (104) @MUDSKIN
Head: Catwa - Catya @Catwa

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